Stella comes from a performance background and she enjoys playing a wide range of characters.

All themed parties are based on:

  • magic show
  • party and musical games
  • bubbles and dancing
  • parachute games
  • pass the parcel
  • music
  • balloon modelling
  • face painting or glitter tattoos

Mix and match themes, activities and ages.

Choose from Princess Party, Jungle/Safari Adventure, Fairy Party, Frozen, Pirate, Superhero, Ninja Turtles, Silly Clown, Minnie Mouse, Witchy Witch or you can create and bring your own idea.

stella-2Princess Party

Your child’s favorite princess will arrive at your door with a bag full of magical things. Either it’s CINDERELLA, LITTLE MERMAID, RAPUNZEL, SNOW WHITE or PRINCESS BELLE, she will charm every child around her. The princess will invite your little guests to help with the magic show, dance along, play games and win prizes. Naughty characters will challenge her, but with children’s help she will put everything back to normal.

bunny-2Jungle/Safari Adventure  

Sally Safari, Explorer Girl or Tiger Ruru are always on an adventure. Is there anybody else brave enough to go into the jungle? We will have to go through long wavy grass and through a swirling whirling storm. Once there we need to rescue some of the amazing animals of the jungle. Oh, what’s that? I can see a shiny little wet nose and two cute furry ears! It’s a baby lion!!! Will the kids be able to get back in time for the birthday cake?



fairyFairy Party

Tinkerbelle always brings fairy magic dust and within moments all your little guests will be covered in magical powers. After spending so much time with Peter Pan and the boys, Tinkerbelle loves games too. But it doesn’t always go her way, because there is a cheeky fairy next door that will try to still her powers. With children’s help she is right back up fluttering around, dancing along and handing out prizes.

Frozen Partyfrozen

Snow Queen is the most loved by girls everywhere. From the moment she walks into the room children’s attention will hang on her every word. She brings frozen dust for the children so everybody gets icy powers. Marshmallow, the giant snow monster is defeated through magical music and dancing. You may not know yet, but playing games is one of Elsa’s favorite things and she will engage everyone in her play.



Pirate Party pirate

Where is a pirate there is always a treasure to be found. Pirate Choppy will take your little boys and girls on an adventurous journey to a nearby treasure that is open for the taking. She will teach them the necessary pirate skills so they can sail safely the seas to Neverland. But pirate Choppy is very friendly and enjoys playing all sorts of games and giving away prizes for everyone. Be aware though that one of his favorite games is walk the plank.


All kids love superheroes because they all wish for superhero powers. Spider/Bat Girl has developed great super powers and she is always ready to share her secrets with the children. Your little guests will take the superhero training, so they gain super magical powers and learn how to make themselves invisible. They will be challenged to use their new super powers to play games and win prizes.

Ninja Turtles

A Ninja Turtle is always victorious and happy to go to birthday parties. All the children will go on a ninja training and learn some fighting and magic skills. When the children unite their forces they can win amazing prices. But guess what? Ninja Turtles love games, dancing and fighting bubbles too.

Silly Clown silly-clown

Once upon a time there was a silly clown who really loved to make children happy. So she went to all important birthday parties all over the world. She would often ask the birthday child to come up and help her with the magic. When the show begins you don’t know what’s going to happen but within instants she will put smiles on everybody’s faces. She’s so silly! She dances, shapes amazing balloons and paints faces too.

Minnie Mouse

One day Minnie Mouse was walking down the street when suddenly she heard a child’s giggle. She stopped and knocked on the door. Inside there was an amazing birthday party with lots of children of all ages and they were all so happy to see Minnie Mouse. On that special birthday party everybody had so much fun doing magic, playing games, dancing in the bubbles, winning prizes and so much more. She then walked happily to her home telling everything to Mickey about her wonderful day.

Witchy Witchwitchy

There is always something going wrong with Witchy Witch around. She will bring along magic potion so with children’s help she can create some witchy spells. Crazy laughs, witchy pass the parcel with scary prizes, broken magic wands, spooky songs and games, the broomstick relay are always inside her bag. She only needs to be invited to a party.